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Our clients often turn to us after retaining other CPAs, using unlicensed preparers, self-filing or if they are behind in filing and need to catch up their books in order to complete their taxes.

Our professional services are focused on three main areas:

1. Accounting services

2. Tax management services

3. IRS representation


Accounting Services

From start-ups to established enterprises, business owners want to maximize after-tax income without the fear of penalties, missed deadlines, or triggering expensive tax audits in a complicated tax environment. Anna Talac, CPA, can help you reach these goals with the understanding of how the small business owner can properly take advantage of opportunities within the tax code.  A second but more often overlooked need is solid internal controls.  We can not only get the recordkeeping done right, but help you develop the structure and processes to ensure that your profits don’t end up in a trusted employee’s pocket.

If you have been in business for a while – We can

  • catch up what has fallen behind and clean up books with problems.
  • help you maintain good books once we have them current.
  • work with the IRS to resolve problems, prepare amended and late filings, and represent you in the event of an audit.
  • help you get all of your filings in on time and ensure that the different IRS and state filings match your accounting records; from payroll to sales tax to information returns to business and personal income tax filings.
  • advise you on how to properly “pay yourself” without over-paying or inadvertently evading employment taxes.

If your business is just starting out – We can

  • help you understand which type of entity will provide you with the best tax structure, and get your EIN set up correctly.
  • teach you what records to keep to make bookkeeping easier and to provide the proof needed in the event of an audit.
  • set up your chart of accounts to work for your unique needs.
  • teach you to do the parts of the bookkeeping which you don’t want to delegate and complete those parts which make sense to outsource to a pro.
  • find the deductions that a layperson, or even a mere bookkeeper, could miss.


Tax Management Services

At Anna Talac, CPA, we guide our clients through a full range of tax planning and preparation decisions with strategies that minimize tax liabilities, maximize cash flow and keep you on track to achieve your financial goals.   With a focus specifically on businesses and the individuals who own them, we understand how all the tax filings fit together, know which filings you must submit and when, and can help you stay on track when it comes to making tax deposits which the typical employee doesn’t have to understand.  We also know that even when nothing is wrong, you might get correspondence from a taxing authority.  We can help you make sense of any such communication and, whether it’s a simple answer to an easy question or a careful response regarding a real problem, ensure that any response provided improves the situation and doesn’t provide additional hints at other problems or past mistakes. 


IRS Representation

Professional representation is crucial during an audit. Our experience with tax authorities enables us to guide clients through such interactions with state and federal agencies.  If you have been selected for audit, the professional representation you receive from Anna Talac, CPA, will put your mind at ease.  By being a barrier between you and your auditor, we can avoid revealing problems not being audited and put your situation in the best possible light, even when your records are not adequate or reveal inaccuracies in the returns filed.  If you owe money, we can help you understand payment options available to you and, in some cases, even negotiate an offer in compromise. We are prepared and ready to respond to any and all questions from the IRS.

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